With so many swimwear styles, colours, patterns, and shapes to choose from, choosing the best swimwear which suits your skin tone can feel intimidating, which is why we’re here to help. If you have pale or fair skin, follow this guide so you can feel and look your best in your swimwear on your next holiday.

 The first thing to remember is that there’s no particular shade you should be wearing, if it makes you feel good who’s stopping you from wearing whichever shade you like! However, if you’re looking to find out which colour palettes naturally compliment your skin tone, first you need to distinguish what undertone your skin is.

First take a look at your wrists, comparing with a friend can help you make easier comparisons between skin tones. Does your skin have a yellow or pink undertone? Typically, people with yellow undertones will have green veins, and pink undertones will identify with blue veins.

If you have yellow undertones you have a warm skin tone, whereas individuals with pink undertones have a cool skin tone. Understanding the undertone of your skin is the first step to understanding which colour best compliments your fair skin.

It is possible that you might have a neutral skin tone too, which means you will have a mixture of both cool and warm features. If you’re uncertain on what skin tone you are, follow the steps in this guide. Once you understand which skin tone you are, head back here for style inspiration that’s suited to you.



If you have fair skin with dark eyes, naturally dark hair and you tan golden and bronze, you are likely to have yellow undertones. This means warm tones complement your skin tone, in other words you have your pick of all the earthy colours; dark brown, intense red, dark green, golden orange etc.



You have pink undertones if your skin turns red or pink when you tan, you may also have naturally light hair and blue or green eyes. Individuals with pink undertones naturally suit cool colours, such as purple, powder blue, bright blue, and dark pink. These jewel colours compliment the pink undertones of the skin.



If you have hazel eyes, you will more than likely have neutral undertones. Blondes will have ashy undertones in their hair, whereas brunettes will have warm tones running through their hair. Most colours will compliment a neutral skin tone, however it is best to avoid anything too bright which might wash out your natural colour. Aim for colours in the middle of the spectrum such as soft pink and peaches, jade green, pastel blue, grey and off-whites.



In general cool shades of pink, purples and turquoise compliment fair skin tones, however some pastel colours are also complimentary if bold, bright colours don’t suit your style!

It is worth spending some time trying to understand your undertones, and how each of your features, eyes and hair for example, work with your skin so you can pinpoint which colours work best for you.

Some pastel colours will not compliment certain pale skin tones as they will blend in with your skin colour, however pastels will compliment other skin tones. This is also the case for shades of black, orange, yellow and grey, you just need to understand what compliments your appearance and also your style.

The main thing to remember is that, whichever swimwear piece you decide is right for you, you feel comfortable and confident wearing it on your holiday. After all, swimwear is designed to showcase your body in the best possible way for you.

Now you’re confident in which colours best compliment your skin tone, you can start considering styles, patterns and accessories so you’ll be looking and feeling your best on your next holiday!