A summer holiday is the golden jewel within our annual calendars. They are full of sunset dining and warm nights, whereas the days are for exploring new cultures, reading gripping books, and most importantly soaking up that all important vitamin D!


In the lead up to your summer holiday, the idea of spending a lot of time in your swimwear, or even just shopping for the perfect swimwear, can be incredibly intimidating. There’s nothing worse than not feeling yourself while you are on your holiday because you feel self-conscious and lack body confidence.


The truth is, with the immense amount of societal pressure women feel every day it is easy to feel lost. So here are some reminders of ways you can feel confident and show off your new swimwear this summer!  



I’m sure you have come across many guides which offer advice based on body shape, e.g. wear a padded bikini top if you have small breasts etc. Whether you choose to take on this advice or not, is entirely down to your personal choice, the most important thing to remember is that YOU feel happy and comfortable in your swimwear!


Shopping for swimwear can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. The best way to overcome this is by trying heaps of stuff on. In fact, try on every style you fancy, even try on ones you’re not sure on, because if you don’t try you will never know. Keep your options open in terms of style, pattern and fit. For example, if you are conscious about your tummy, high-waisted bikinis are a perfect middle ground between swimming costumes and bikinis which can be extremely flattering for lots of body shapes.

The type of fit is equally important. You may fall in love with the pattern and style of a swimwear set but are not completely sold on the straps. Keep an eye out for similar designs from the same range as you may find they offer alternative strap designs which are best fitted for you!  



Befriending your body is not to be confused with dieting. Rather, you know your body better than anybody else - you understand which food groups affect you more than any diet can advise. For instance, we understand that our bodies will feel lighter if we include clean unprocessed whole-foods in our diet.


So in the lead up to any swimwear occasion, reduce the amount of processed foods you are consuming to feel healthier and less bloated. If you are even slightly lactose or gluten intolerant this can also cause you to bloat and feel sluggish. Instead, choose foods like leafy greens and fresh fish which your body can easily process meaning you will feel lighter with more energy for your beach day.    


#3 TLC

Now you have found the perfect swimwear for you, it is time to give your skin a little TLC. Pamper sessions have a unique way of making you feel healthier and more confident. I’m not saying splash out on a spa day, but using a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin, followed by a rich moisturiser is a great way to make your skin feel fresh and glowing.


Top this off with a manicure and pedicure, potentially a wax (painful yes but it’s always worth it), and don’t forget a BB cream to protect your face from the UV rays. Your body will be radiating a wonderful healthy glow and it will hopefully help you to blossom with confidence on your beach day.    



Accessories are a wonderful way to bring together the whole package. A swimwear outfit can have lots of differences compared to your everyday style, so coordinating hats, sunglasses, shoes and bags are the perfect way to add a little bit-of-you into your outfit! Lots of people find swimwear too simple and bare for their liking but it really doesn’t have to be that way, add a necklace, earrings or bracelet to your outfit to be true to yourself.


Kaftans are also the perfect cover up if you don’t want to walk around in your swimwear to a bar or café. Kaftans come in lots of different styles and colours so you’ll be able to find the best one to compliment you and your outfit. If you feel like you, you will feel automatically feel more comfortable in your swimwear.    



Having confidence in yourself is great, but it can be harder than it seems to feel that way. So even if you aren’t feeling particularly confident in yourself one day try and immerse yourself in your surroundings! Whether you get stuck into a good book or enjoy spending time with your family and friends, these are easy ways to appear naturally confident to everyone around you.

Remember your posture! Good posture is essential for your health and balance yes, but if you know how to sit to best present your body you can shine with confidence. Simply drop your shoulders back and tilt your stance upwards slightly to straighten your back.

The most important part of feeling good in your swimwear is being happy in yourself. Take a step back and relax, a summer holiday or trip to the beach is the perfect way to unwind. Everyone is beautiful no matter what your height, size or style.

So go explore new fits and styles, slip into your swimwear, and enjoy your time in the sun this summer!